Claire as a child  
1. Growing, I spent most weekends in the country and learned the importance of caring for our environment. We drank water from a well, cracked pecans from the orchard, and cooled off in the nearby creek.
2. In pre-school, I fell in love with recycling and demanded my family set up a center in our home.
3. I started an environmentalist club in 2nd grade called Nature’s Pocket. We were featured in the local paper.
4. I attended Sarah Lawrence College and wrote many papers on environmental issues.
5. I celebrated finding my life partner with an earth-friendly wedding.

6. I worked for more than a year at Columbia University’s Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering.
7. As a coach, I refer clients to high-quality, biodegradable, reusable, or recycled organizing products. When I buy something new, I search the Internet to see if someone makes it out of bamboo or another biodegradable, rapidly renewable source.
8. I work at my local food co-op.
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