How I learned to rest and heal on my 2-week staycation.
October, 2014
I can’t recall taking a vacation that was all about REST. I always packed a checklist with activities to keep me busy. For the last 2 weeks, after my right arm became too inflamed to enjoy using the computer, I decided to rest until I healed. Now I know that the healing I have in store would not be accomplished in just two weeks.
I had been noticing a small but clear pain signal every time I opened Facebook or checked my email or phone, so I suspended my account, setup on an auto-reply, and turned my phone off.
I spent most days doing the basics: eating in silence, sleeping (when my mind let me), and in between, pondering what my body FELT like doing next.
Most of the time my body said, “Nothing.” So I tried my hand at meditating. For me this means looking at the backs of my eyelids for a few seconds and then realizing I’ve been thinking about something else for a few minutes. Even so, I like the challenge of riding the surf of silence as long as it lasts.
Here is what I’ve learned after 2 weeks of deep rest and some 1-on-1 coaching from my teacher, Martha Beck:
1. My body has been longing for me to STOP, FEEL, and LISTEN to the discomfort and pain I previously avoided by distracting myself with activities.
2. The pain I would have been feeling and healing has manifested as tightness in my muscles.
3. Now that I’m listening, these muscles have DECADES of things to say.
4. I now feel the inflammation speaking loudly because it is so relieved to finally be heard.
5. I can never go back to my old ways. I’ll be allowing my body to speak and rest as often as I possibly can from now on. Rather than ignore and drown it out, I’ll say to my body, “I hear you. I’m going to do whatever it takes to let you heal.”
6. When I’m not resting, it’s either “Hell yeah!” or “No, thank you” to invitations and to-do lists. As much as I can, I will only do things that fill my heart with glee. No more caving in to “obligations” that don’t matter to me and feel like I’m slowly poisoning my soul.
7. If there’s something I must do that isn’t pleasant, I can delegate it or at least give myself a delightful treat at the end.
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