WHO do you coach?
I mainly help women feeling too overwhelmed to clear their clutter. I particularly love coaching women with chronic HEALTH challenges who are longing to create a SACRED SPACE that helps them HEAL. I also work with NEW COLLEGE STUDENTS, NEWLYWEDS, NEW HOME DWELLERS, FERTILITY ADVENTURERS, and EMPTY NESTERS.

WHERE are you available?
Mainly over the phone within the continental United States. I also offer Skype sessions. I’m in Brooklyn, NY, . Schedule your first call free. 

What are the BENEFITS OF CLEARING CLUTTER? Having a life that FLOWS! FREEDOM to EASILY access items, and RELAXATION . . . More TIME, ENERGY, CREATIVITY, MONEY, HEALTH, and BLISS . . . FINDING everything instantly!

What happens in a COACHING SESSION?
I ask POWERFUL questions to give you total confidence about RELEASING your most frustrating clutter (Read sample questions). I am certified in using a wide variety of coaching tools. Once the clutter is no longer a priority, I help you design, organize, and maintain your sacred space.
CertifiedWhat SPECIAL TRAINING do you have? Most recently, I became a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. Martha Beck has a Ph.D. in sociology from Harvard University and is a columnist at O. The Oprah Magazine. I studied digital design during my undergraduate (Sarah Lawrence College) and graduate (The New School) education. From 2000-2011 I apprenticed with professional organizers.

How is coaching DIFFERENT THAN THERAPY? Psychotherapy is for healing; life coaching is for personal growth. Please read my Psychotherapy Referral PDF here for details. Psychotherapy restores and maintains the health of people recovering (from emotional trauma, major loss, addiction, and other mental/emotional/behavioral challenges). Coaching guides people who are mentally healthy as they enhance their lives even further.

How much EXPERIENCE do you have? In 2006, I began working with in-person clients in New York City. Since then, I’ve been hired for my organizing and coaching skills by Columbia University’s Department of Earth & Environmental Engineering, St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan, and Sarah Lawrence College. Overall, I’ve primarily worked with women entrepreneurs.

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Will you PRESSURE me to give away my things? Absolutely not. Only you get to define your definition of clutter and your plan for releasing it. In fact, I avoid giving unsolicited advice. Instead, I am trained to help you clarify what clutter means to you.

Do you work with clients with EXTREME CLUTTER challenges? No. Please see My Resources Page to find a specialist for your situation.

How GREEN are you? I refer clients to biodegradable, reusable, recycled, recyclable, compostable, high-quality, or otherwise more sustainable storage solutions. Check out these green organizing supplies.

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